sábado, 15 de maio de 2010


RADIO SONY MODEL. ICF M-350. PAINEL ANALÓGICO ESTE É FABRICADO NA MALÁSIA EM 1998,O JAPONÊS TEM O DISPLAY DIGITAL E É BEM MAIS CARO,ESTE APARELHO FOI UMA DOAÇÃO DO MEU GRANDE AMIGO SGT. PM-BA SANTANA, PARA O MUSEU DO RADIO DE SERRINHA BA,OBS: FICHA TÉCNICA DE ORIGEM ABAIXO.Sony's ICF-M350V is a portable radio that receives the following bands: AM, FM, TV audio (channels 2-13) and weather (1-5). PLL (Phase Locked Loop) Digital Synthesized Tuner provides the world's most accurate drift-free tuning method for all available radio stations. 20 Station Memory Presets provides convenient one-button tuning to your choice of AM/FM radio stations, TV audio or Weather Band channels. Key Protect Button locks out all controls on unit to prevent accidental activation. Digital Clock With Alarm makes time-check instantly available and also provides wake-up or other daily alarm. LCD Display shows station frequency, time of day or battery life. Headphone Jack allows for private listening. DC-In Jack enables connection to standard household current to conserve battery life. Battery Life Indicator monitors time remaining on batteries in use and alerts you to their condition.